Month: March 2016

Aircraft Carriers & the Importance of American Symbolism

There’s no question that what it comes to Navy might, few things project power like aircraft carriers While these giant ships first really came into their own on the Pacific front during World War II, and they have represented American might ever since. Part of the reason that the aircraft carrier seems uniquely American is probably because the United States currently has as many active aircraft carriers as every other nation combined right now at 10, and with 2 in reserve, 67% of the world’s “in reserve” aircraft carriers. With even more on the way, there’s no questioning that by far and away the United States is ahead when it comes to beefing up a big navy and a large fleet.

The aircraft carrier is a piece of military equipment produced right here in the United States, and they are more representative of the U.S. than of any other nation. The size, the sheer amount of money being poured in, the industrialization – the bigger and better attitude that so often has been attached to the United States and their military might.

The symbol of military might, of being larger, intimidating, and of having that ability to move far from shores is another reason aircraft carriers have that “red, white, and blue” feeling of patriotic symbolism that very few other vehicles or structures can claim.

The idea of teamwork, of having air power and naval power together, also, you would hope, easily represent the collaboration of Americans, of working together for a greater good, and accomplishing something that not so long ago seemed utterly impossible. This combination and their sheer size are major reasons why these incredible ships are not only flagships but representative of America’s symbolic power.