Month: April 2016

American Symbolism and Fighter Jets

When it comes to creating a sense of patriotism, there are all kinds of things that help to bring the stars and stripes into the minds of citizens of the United States. While the old fashioned saying about apple pie being an all-American dessert may not be as popular as it once was, there are still many delightful treats and other things that work well.

In the past century, the image of the fighter jet has jumped up the chart, probably even over apple pie for many of the younger generations. It is used to show the military might and power that the nation has had and may even conjure up images of freeing the oppressed and preventing communism from taking over certain parts of the globe.

Of course, not everyone will have the same reaction. Reactions differ because symbolism depends on the previous associations in the mind of the person. Those who are on opposite sides of any conflict will have distinctly different recollections regarding the same events. For one, the image of fighter jets may bring a sense of pride while the other sees defeat from a superior military power.

There are all kinds of other symbols that people associate with national pride, including the flat itself. In fact, during the election years, you can often hear candidates and their supporters attempting to make those associations to gain votes. Often, these tie-ins are subtle, so you may not even realize it. However, Republicans such as Trump is like any other business person must employ marketing and advertising tactics to get the audience to follow through with what they want.

The next time you look at a fighter jet, you are sure to think a little bit more about what it means to you.